George Ezra's new song "Hold My Girl"

Everyday while browsing Instagram stories I see around 50 screenshots of the songs people are listening to on Spotify. I seldom actually go listen to a recommended song, but last night when I saw Sam Smith had posted about George Ezra's new song "Hold My Girl" I felt compelled to check it out. Please do yourself a favor and give it a listen! The lyric video is cleverly simple, engaging and powerful.

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The Bebop & The Burren in Boston

Performing in Boston has always been an idea I've wanted to pursue. The summer after sophomore year I spent busking around places like the Public Garden, Faneuill Hall and Newbury Street. Recently we've begun booking acoustic shows at The Bebop, The Burren's little sister venue located in the heart of Back Bay. Typically we've played in the early evening here, with sets beginning at 5:00 or 6:00. Excitingly, after performing our first open mic at The Burren over in Somerville, we were offered an opportunity to play a Feature Spot at The Burren. A few days later the owner of both bars offered to book us for the popular 10:00 p.m. Thursday show at The Bebop. (It's tonight!). Unfortunately due to the storm the other day we're rescheduling our Feature Spot for April. All set to work full-time in Boston upon graduation, I'm excited about the groundwork we've put in to break ourselves into Boston's music scene!

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Tall Heights #JamInTheVan

I was psyched to see that Tall Heights did a Jam In The Van session last week. From the Trevor Hall session I knew this series was all about capturing awesome intimate performances with amazing audio quality and great film work. After this video, check out Tall Height's new song "Not Like It Was." I listened for the first time the other day, and I listened to it three times in a row.

I had the pleasure of meeting Tim Harrington after their show in Cambridge this past winter. As a Holy Cross alum, he's someone who I've looked up to and someone who I've wanted to connect with about school and music. I'm looking forward to sending him some of the new material we record in the studio this semester.

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X-Country Skiing to Avalanche Pass

Had a great trip cross country skiing to Avalanche Pass yesterday before the frigid temperatures kicked in. Unfortunately the footage of my Rocky Peak sandwich from the Big Mountain Deli didn't make the cut.

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EchoMe, a revolution of radio. #heartogether

I'm lucky to be involved with a growing app called EchoMe. I've been working with a small team since the middle of the summer; the experience of helping a small start up get on its feet and run has been amazing. With post length in mind, I'll describe the app in two sentences: EchoMe allows users to broadcast music through their connected Spotify & SoundCloud accounts. An unlimited number of friends, followers and fans can tune in to a broadcast and listen to music together in real-time. Okay, one more sentence... The social network for music is a great platform to share and discover new music. 

As part of my Self Guided Course on Music Production, I read segments from the Music Business Handbook. A couple weeks ago, my professor and I were discussing traditional broadcast radio along with the streaming services that now drive the evolving music industry. Naturally, when Professor Mountain asked about the direction I think the industry and streaming is headed, I responded with "EchoMe." It was an enlightening moment. 

EchoMe is the perfect blend of traditional broadcast radio that became popular in the 1920s and the current and future trend that streaming services such as Spotify, SoundCloud and iTunes support with regard to listening. The app democratizes radio on two levels: 1) Anyone can become a 'host,' with their streaming platforms serving as their music libraries, and 2) Small to mid-level artists are now more likely to be heard as a result of 1). 

I believe EchoMe can transform the music industry in positive ways. Its potential is limitless. I'm excited to see how it grows and where it goes. *EchoMe is available for download in the App Store.

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Busking in Boston

Friday, October 27th. Around 10 a.m. I met Casey at his apartment in Worcester to finalize our album upload to CD Baby, a distribution company partnered with Spotify, iTunes and other major streaming services. We celebrated the final submission by grabbing bagels and coffee from Culpeppers and heading straight to Boston to busk for the day.

We parked on Newbury Street and set up our small battery powered amps in front of the Prudential Center on Boylston Street. After ten minutes of playing, a woman from Back Bay Social Club, a restaurant and bar across the street, dropped two dollars and a business card in the guitar case in front of us. She offered for us to schedule at gig there, which excited me as I've been trying to navigate our into Boston's live music scene. 

The next stop was Newbury Street. We played maybe three songs before an older man told us we can't busk in a residential area. To the Public Garden we went. 

We set up in the same spot I'd frequented when I busked in Boston the summer after sophomore year. It's perfect: across the walkway are a few benches right along the pond with the swan boats. Since our acoustic sound travels well in such an open setting, I'd watch as people nearing us made a decision to occupy those benches and listen for a few songs.

As I mentioned in my very first blog post about busking in Boston, some of the most memorable parts of these days stem from the many interactions we have with passersby. Engaging with listeners, hearing what they have to say, and being able to share our story with them means a lot, each and every time.

Maybe we'll be back once more before snow covers the Public Garden for next few months. 

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Imagination: Tom Wallisch

This video is an awesome collaboration between The North Face and Tom Wallisch. It reminds me that in middle school I dreamed about going to high school at the Northwoods School in Lake Placid to take up freestyle skiing. That hope never panned out, but check this out: 

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